My Background and Journey to Massage Therapy 

I grew up in a large family with 4 brothers and 4 sisters who were very active and competitive. Being one of the youngest, I loved trying to keep up with all my siblings... this is where my love of sports and fitness began. 

After graduating from the University of Iowa, I spent the next 11 years managing hotels. A 24 hour business that always had me on my toes! I loved my work and experience, but knew this was not my true passion. My experience in the hotel business allowed me to wear many hats, and I left the field knowing I had to continue to do something that kept me moving (couldn't have a desk job) and where my focus could be continuing to work with others. My love for being active pulled me back to my first passion and in 2000, I decided to focus my interests on the field of health and wellness.

Professionally I have been a fitness instructor and trainer for 19 years and a STOTT Pilates trainer for 11 years. Personally I have been active most of my adult life as a taekwondo practitioner, weightlifter, runner, and very amateur triathlete. Over the years, in the wake of assorted aches and injuries, I experienced firsthand the astounding benefits of massage. The work I received through massage and physical therapy intrigued me, and I wanted to learn more about caring and treating others who were experiencing stress or pain.  

In 2017, I completed 850 hours at Body Wisdom Massage School of Therapy and since that time have been practicing as a L.M.T. focusing on clinical and sports massage while combining the benefits of my pilates training for my clients.

I continue to learn, practice, and train in the areas of body mechanics, posture, orthopedic and clinical massage therapy. It is a constant learning process and very important to me to stay on top of new studies and research. Research is providing us with new ways of working with clients who are experiencing acute or chronic pain, and when I was introduced to the healing benefits of Cupping and Electroceutical Vascular Therapy, I knew immediately that these were modalities I would add to my practice. Electroceutical Vascular Therapy and Massage Therapy are becoming an integral part of holistic medicine, and some employers are allowing these services to be paid out of flex spending accounts.

 A good massage therapist will work within their scope of practice, and work with other respected professionals such as physical therapists, manual holistic therapists, and clinical therapists to help compliment your care. This is the process of care that I look forward to being a part of for all my clients.